Buying a boxer puppy is a very big responsibility!  It is not something to be taken lightly.  The Boxer Club of Western New York suggests that you only purchase a Boxer puppy from a BREEDER who performs all of the suggested health tests on all of their breeding animals.

For a list of the most common and most serious diseases that affect our breed, as well as a list of the recommended tests to identify these diseases, please CLICK HERE.

Please be aware that, contrary to some rumors, White Boxers are NOT RARE!  In fact they are quite common.  Please do not pay a premium cost for a white puppy.  White boxers may not be bred, according to the American Boxer Club Code of Ethics, and they may be prone to hearing and skin problems, but they can make wonderful family pets, and make great Agility and Obedience Competitors.

Please CLICK HERE to contact our club secretary for a referral to a responsible breeder.

And for more information on what to look for in a puppy AND a breeder, please visit this page of the American Boxer Club's website:

"Buying A Boxer Puppy"